iPad Won’t Play Video

You have downloaded your favorite videos using iTunes, set up a playlist and clicked play. All you see is a blank screen where your video should be or nothing is happening at all. There are a few concerns here. Where did the files come from?

  • Where did the files come from?
  • What format are your iPad Videos in?
  • Have you rebooted your iPad in the last month?
  • Did you download them directly to your iPad?
  • Are you trying to use YouTube?

Once you answer these questions the following videos should be able to help you get your movies working. If the problem is with Flash then it might be bigger than we can handle. The iPad is not a fan of Flash and you will often run into little problems trying to run it. We do have a video that might help even with that however so give it a look.

YouTube Video Problems

General Video Problems

Flash Video Issues