How to use the iPad Videos

What does an iPad do? Well it does so many things that it would be impossible to cover that on a page you would actually want to read. Here we will cover the basics of owning and using an iPad as well as a few tutorials that clearly need to be made. If Mobile Informers receives the same question enough times we put together a tutorial to help our folks out, and there are some folks out there who are having trouble with the fact that iPad documentation isn’t very helpful and doesn’t exist.

Need to add or delete a video? Can’t connect to your wireless network or you can and it sucks? Can mini iPad apps work on your new Limited Edition Avengers iPad 5 Deluxe? Your iPad won’t work and you feel like you may become dangerous if you don’t get help soon? If we don’t know we find out fast and let you in on it right here.

We try to include a video with all of our tutorials, and if we have not produced one we will find the most useful one out there and make it available.

If you have any iPad specific questions we need to address please feel free to contact us!