mobile gamesWhat better use of your phone than mobile games. No more downtime for you, just extra adventures or hack and slash! Between the Android and iOS platforms it's easy to find a game that's the right match no matter what your tastes.

At Mobile Informers we make it a point to play games online. A lot of games and as often as possible. We do this in order to avoid working on...we do this to make sure our visitors stay informed about their favorite games!

Sit back as our mobile games experts review the latest releases and give you the heads up on which ones are buys, and which ones are passes. If you have a specific game you would like to see reviewed, just let us know via our contact page.

If you have any mobile game specific questions we need to address please feel free to contact us!

Download Free Mobile Games for Your Device

free mobile games

Mobile Informers sent out our mobile game experts to compile for you the top 10 free mobile games across all platforms fresh for 2014. Turn your mobile device into a crazy gaming machine with the best the free mobile world has for download. We have graphic heavy fighters to Minecraft-style sandboxes for you to waste enrich your day with free fun!

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Wild Blood Game Review

what does an ipad do

Wild Blood from Gameloft will take you to a familiar place where you will do many familiar things. With swords. Another action RPG is here and wants to eat up your time. Read more to find out if it is worth it.

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