Mobile Informers is designed to help you compare the many devices, services, and software that are available today. The list is growing so fast consumers usually find it necessary to subscribe to a myriad of sites and news sources. It is our goal to provide a single source that you can depend on for the latest and greatest information on the growing mobile world.

Marketing and webmaster duties for Mobile Informers are led by Jon Norwood.  Jon has been involved in the wireless industry for over 15 years and has served as both a director and independent consultant for many leading companies in the field.  For the last 10 years Jon has led the marketing efforts for Web Exordium, the parent company of many successful blogs and corporate sites.

Rick became involved in the Internet business world in 1995 when he started his own Internet service franchise.  After building this business up it was sold to Prodigy and Rick moved on to helping GTE InterNetworking develop their customer care responsiveness.  For the last 10 years Rick has been a principle and chief technical contact at Web Exordium.