Download Free Mobile Games for Your Device

free mobile games

Mobile Informers sent out our mobile game experts to compile for you the top 10 free mobile games across all platforms fresh for 2014. Turn your mobile device into a crazy gaming machine with the best the free mobile world has for download. We have graphic heavy fighters to Minecraft-style sandboxes for you to waste enrich your day with free fun!

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What Does an iPad Do

what does an ipad do

The iPad is a device designed to quickly and easily consume content from anywhere at any location. Is that general enough? To answer what the iPad specifically does is going to depend on the user so let's answer beifly what it can do.

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iPad Connect to Computer

what does an ipad do

If you have plugged in the USB Cable that came with your iPad and it isn't magically connecting to your computer then you may have a problem. The owner's manual probably wasn't much help, and although the iPad is an incredible device when something goes wrong, which is rare, things get sticky.

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iPad Won't Play Video

ipad won't play video

You have downloaded your favorite music or videos using iTunes, set up a playlist and clicked play. All you see is a blank screen where your video should be or nothing is happening at all. There are a few concerns here.

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iPad Beginners

ipad neginners

If you are thinking about buying an iPad, or you just popped one out of the box you may have more than a few questions. If you have owned an iPhone then the iPad should be an easy transition, but if you are one of the iPad beginners then that one big button might be a bit daunting.

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